Sept 2020 "Our IG, Sasha, recently was diagnosed with skin cancer--and protection from Arizona's UV rays is of utmost importance for our little [🌞] lover. Thank you Holly at Spoiled Bratzwear for Sasha's UV protective romper! Your responsiveness was simply incredible--and much appreciated!" Melissa S. 

March 1.2021 "These custom suits are worth every penny. Excellent quality. I can’t wait to buy more!!" [❤️] [🐾] [❤️] Lynne R. 

5/29/2021 "After having already been through three surgeries to remove five mast cell tumors and a lymph node (fortunately, low grade and clean margins), my sweet dog was diagnosed with dermal hemangiosarcoma.
I struggled to find a sunsuit that would cover his most vulnerable areas, not cause him to overheat and was gentle on his skin.
I was immediately impressed and at ease with Holly, she knew from a photo exactly what material my short-term solution was, and she was kind, professional, and warm.
Not only is the sunsuit she made absolutely beautiful, a perfect fit, and has exceptional craftsmanship but she knows dogs and how their bodies work, the belly area covers well but my dog doesn’t pee on it (no small task). Plus, I feel like it was made with love and doesn’t chafe sensitive areas like other clothes have in the past.
I can’t recommend SpoiledBratzwear enough. Holly is amazing and the sunsuit she made for my dog is perfect." Brandi B. via Facebook reviews